Hemmechien Knip


Materiaal: Olieverf
Formaat: 30 x 40

Zelfportret in de stijl van Rembrandt
Hemmechien Knip born Midwolda (1939) did in the HBO Groningen training for teachers. After teacher training. Received since the first drawing lessons and creative crafts. It was the time of renewal / transition to more modern ways to involve youth to deal with free expression The time of Cobra and the fifties. Late 90's she established herself as self-employed artist For fifteen years she attended training and education in the visual arts Current ongoing exhibitions: Herbst Exhibition Gallery Boehner Mannheim Current training: free paint-Deventer (IJsseldam) . About the work The work is often exuberant, sometimes modest aim is to create a mysterious Plays. Where much remains for the viewer to fill in doing becomes very light of light and dark, line and form and composition and rhythm. Often there is much momentum in the work. Spaces are filled with energy, color, infinity moving Thus the concrete transformed into an abstraction In it, the spectators themselves are very own way Comments. This work demonstrates a great creative urge and painterly expressiveness. (Groninger Museum) Here are only merely shapes and lines and surfaces used with mysterious characters are connected. (Die Presse Quelle 2009) Influences. The work of the German Expressionists, Cobra and the contemporary South Dutch painters of the Tilburg School. Awards. Different prices in the province of Gelderland Nominated for an appearance in "The Plantation" VPRO One of the first ten newspaper De Gelderlander Doetinchem Second "The country" Deventer in 2008. She creates large oil abstract paintings on canvas with figurative elements that are assembled to form the composition. Knip is fascinated with the use of various materials. Not just the paint itself, but also the skin of the canvas and the interaction between the two. She is intriged by the flexibility of the paint and how the different layers tune to each other. Many things are happening on the canvas. The paint is worked over the entire canvas. The composition is shaped and highlighted sometimes with the use of very capricious traces of paint. By experimenting, figurative elements come to the foreground and are then elaborated on. Her work engages the viewer by it´s variety and strong artistic voice. Sometimes it is subdued, austere, and even mystical, but then it soars, bursting with exuberant colour.


Stem rondes

  • Jury ronde 1 van 01-10-2019 00:00 tot 01-11-2019 12:00
  • Jury ronde 2 van 01-11-2019 00:00 tot 01-12-2019 00:00
  • Open stemmen van 01-10-2019 00:00 tot 21-11-2019 00:00


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